Why LYOTRADE Is More Than a Typical Cryptocurrency Exchange

In 2021, LYOPAY, an ecosystem of crypto products, launched the centralized cryptocurrency exchange LYOTRADE. It offers various trading types and a whole range of other features that will make trading easy. 


LYOTRADE is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange developed by LYOPAY. 
It offers spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and other types of trading.  
Users can also stake their tokens and buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their card or wire transfers. 
Visit the LYOTRADE website and download the app.

Trading Types on LYOTRADE 

Spot Trading 

Spot trading is a strategy wherein traders buy coins at real-time prices and sell them by the time they see an increase in the coins’ prices. 

Margin Trading 

If you want to trade more assets than what you currency have, Margin Trading is the right one for you. In this type of trading, traders borrow funds from an exchange to boost their gains. It is also important to keep in mind that the high potential gains means high potential losses. 

Futures Trading 

This type of trading involves a futures contract, in which a trader shall come to an agreement to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency at a specific price in an exact date in the future. 
Beyond Trading 
LYOTRADE provides features that go beyond trading to guarantee the best trading experience that users, crypto enthusiasts, and traders can have. 

Copy Trading 

A software that helps a user identify successful traders and imitate their trading strategies, saving the user’s time from studying and experimenting with complex trading methods. 

Buy and Sell Crypto Through Card and Wire Transfer 

LYOTRADE allows users to purchase any of the 250 cryptocurrencies available on the exchange in different ways. With 53 currencies available buying and selling cryptocurrencies using credit card, debit card, SEPA, and SWIFT is hassle-free. 

Although LYOTRADE is centralized, it also offers a decentralized service called DEX Swap. Here, it is much faster to swap digital assets. Moreover, users do not have to share their personal information to use the platform.

LYO Earn 

LYO Earn is the new version of LYOTRADE’s staking service. Users can choose a staking pool in which they can stake LYO Credit (LYO) or Tether (USDT) where they can earn up to 50% per year.  

Crypto Loan 

The latest addition to LYOTRADE’s services is Crypto Loan. Users will be able to receive USDT, USDC, and BUSD. There are 60 options for collateral. In addition, getting a crypto loan does not need KYC verification and credit check. 
More Than an Exchange
LYOTRADE has a lot in store for its users and more features and updates will be implemented soon. LYOTRADE is not just an exchange. It is a trader’s most trusted tool inside the world of cryptocurrency.  
Visit the LYOTRADE website and download the app.
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