VeChain (VET) Always Focused on Products with Sustainability and Real-World Use Case

VeChain (VET) continues to empower the society through their Dapps and projects focused on sustainability and real-world use case. They continue to do their best to build the future of the next generation in a more sustainable way.
Anything about Vechain (VET) finally boils down to real-word applications and sustainability.  The technologies facilitated by VeChain have far-reaching changes. Worth knowing Food Safety Track & Trace SaaS; Sustainability Track & Trace SaaS; General Supply Chain Track & Trace SaaS; Low-code Deployment PaaS; Blockchain as a Service; NFC Solutions.
Food Safety Track & Trace SaaS
A blockchain-enabled food traceability platform that provides the food and beverage industry with various traceability functions that are readily deployable, including product provenance and quality certificates etc. It creates a brand-new consumer interaction that allows food and beverage companies to communicate and build brand awareness in a trustworthy manner.
Sustainability Track & Trace SaaS
A lightweight and rapidly deployable sustainable traceability application that allows brands to record all their sustainable footprints throughout their supply chain, including but not limited to the usage of recycling raw materials, green production processing, green packaging and logistics, product carbon footprint etc. The blockchain technology provides a solution to make sustainability transparent and trustable.
General Supply Chain Track & Trace SaaS
With 300+ enterprise cases, General Supply Chain Track & Trace Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) covers the traceability needs of various business scenarios and industries, giving the fastest path to a consumer-facing blockchain solution. The standardized templates for various industries are available out of the box, improving production, marketing and brand building.
Low-code Deployment PaaS
Low-Code Deployment Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) provides clients with flexibility to create process templates and use provided powerful tools to easily build their own blockchain applications within specific scenarios.
Blockchain as a Service
BaaS is an expressway to connect with the underlying blockchain and is used as a gateway service to access on-chain smart contracts with a traditional restful API. It is available for independent deployment to build out a functioning application with multidimensional customization to meet diverse business demands and provide a more immediate end-user experience.
NFC Solutions
VeChain is a provider of blockchain and NFC technologies. NFC chip hardware may be provided by VeTonsberg, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VeChain.

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