Michael Saylor Worries on Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Deviated Principles of Cryptocurrency

The value of Bitcoin changes with the market price, every day – literally every minute.  Thus, an investor’s cryptocurrency portfolio will not have the same value all the time. It can be sky high and impressive one day and shockingly low another day.  It is as risky as the fire with a good and bad side.  Fire is impressive as the light on the candle when it “Brightens the space around” and scary like “Wildfire that Burns the City to Ashes.”
Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin was a genuine technological innovation. But much of the crypto industry has deviated from the principles that were critical to the development of Bitcoin itself…as a result…Bitcoin must be understood as something outside this crypto industry.”
Bitcoin Investing and Risky Sticky Ends
Investing in Bitcoin? Beware of the risky sticky ends.  All is not honey and sugar in this market. Those who can sustain the volatility of the Bitcoin market are those who are running behind the billionaire status, which means they are accredited investors who have the strength and stamina to live past the storms of volatility in the Bitcoin market.  They are living in a plane that houses people who do not have to worry about basic worries of house rent, mortgage, utility bills, insurance premiums and other nitty gritty of mundane economy. They have graduated past that kind of worries.  They live in a plane that is not related to “making ends meet.”
Safety Margins and Margin Calls are Two different Worlds
If you are trying to make ends meet or if you hope to make life better off with speculation, think again.  It is a game for those who have substantial equity and not for the everyday John and Mary kind of people. Speculation is speculation – Speculation is not investment. Never mix and mince words.
When you lose your equity, it is not going to be a happy experience in the sea of risky volatility. When you don’t have the capacity to cover the margin call it can be pathetic during a market crash.
It is important to not use your entire margin buying power.  Trading on margin in securities that are highly volatile is a bad game when you do not have robust equity.  Investing within your safety margin is very important.  Safety-is-safety and risk-is-risk.  If you were impressed by the “come out of the comfort zone” and “take-the-risk” triggers invoked by influencers – think again.
Bitcoin and the Do-or-Die Volatility Game 
If you decide to listen to the “take the risk move” you are now transiting from safety to risk.  Playing out of your safety margin is a do-or-die Volatility game.  There is no point in worrying about having lost your funds. When you decide to risk – you should either expect to ash your cash or get up like the Phoenix. To keep this drama alive you need Robust equity.
Speculation is financial adventure, and it is not the kind of game to be played by everyone.  A game of the bold and the daring.  When you decide to join the military forces, you know the probabilities of dying are high when risk occurs – the same is true with investing in speculating assets.  There is no mercy, no lulling and no cuddling happening here in the Bitcoin space. The Bitcoin coin market is where the cold war for profit never ends.
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