Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Will FET Bring the Power of AI to Blockchain?

Our Fetch.ai price prediction hints at a downward retracement for the FET token in the upcoming weeks as it sparks multiple rejections near the resistance level. 
The current market sentiment has impacted a lot of tokens as they continue to decline in value, and some have now become worthless. But to most people, this is an opportunity to grab their favourite tokens before it spikes in the next bull run. Artificial Intelligence technology has taken the world by storm, and many wonder about its further use cases in Web3 technology. While blockchain technology recently emerged in 2008 with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the advent of artificial intelligence stretches as far back as the 1950s. Nevertheless, both technologies have contributed significantly to human development since their inception. Fetch.ai is an innovative platform that bridges the internet of things devices and algorithms for deep learning. At Fetch.ai, they seek to build a free, digital economic structure by integrating blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. The value and utility that FET provides cannot be underestimated, especially in the Artificial intelligence industry. Moreover, Fetch.ai continues to research more and better methods to bring AI-enabled solutions to the network. All fundamental metrics show that FET is capable of being a very profitable investment as more and more investors troop into the fetch.ai blockchain. Our Fetch.ai price prediction seeks to bring you its current technical analysis based on advanced indicators to help you decide the best investment plan amid the FUD situation in the market. 
Fetch.ai: AI Enters Into Blockchain
Fetch.ai (FET) was created to offer consumers and business enterprises a user-friendly ecosystem by integrating crucial sectors of blockchain technology like decentralisation and security and AI technology like machine learning into their daily activities. It hopes to develop a futuristic platform where access to artificial intelligence (AI) technology will become more accessible, and more investors will get attracted to their prospects of technical equality.
Fetch.ai is a decentralised machine learning protocol which was founded by Toby Simpson, a game developer and producer; Humayun Sheikh, one of the top investors in Artificial intelligence firm Deepmind; and Thomas Hain, who is an advanced machine learning professor in 2017. Fetch.ai’s ecosystem consists of open-source tokenized decentralised machine learning networks for smart infrastructure, including multi-agent systems, machine learning, and cryptography to accelerate a decentralised digital economy. Let’s take a look at its native token FET’s current price details to clarify our Fetch.ai price prediction better. 


Ticker Symbol


Price Change 24h

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Circulating Supply
818,912,300 FET

Trading Volume

All time high

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FET: Roadmap And Features
FET token is the native token of the Fetch.ai platform, and it was first launched on one of the major crypto exchanges, Binance, in 2019, which boosted the speed and scalability of the Binance smart chain (BSC) to “find, create, deploy and train autonomous economic agents and is essential for smart contracts, oracles and the transactions needed to deliver the new digital economy.”
The whitepaper states: “Fetch is a decentralised digital representation of the world in which autonomous software agents perform useful economic work. This means that they can perform tasks, such as delivering data or providing services, and are rewarded with a digital currency for their efforts – the Fetch Token. Tokens can also serve as a refundable deposit for both nodes and agents wishing to perform certain operations (as a security mechanism that discourages bad behaviour). As Fetch secures its foothold in the data, transport, services and IoT industries, its token grows in demand, as each sector makes a larger and larger contribution to the Fetch network’s economic throughput.”
The network is based on Cosmos-SDK, a solution that enables multichain interoperability through the inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol, which assures that agent-based services can be launched on other networks such as Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain. Fetch.ai protocol provides support to a series of operations like an identification that allows agent deployment, staking, and token governance. The protocol also works on a distributed ledger and decentralised Random Beacon protocol that uses the benefit of slot Proof-of-Stake (sPoS), reducing computational costs and multi-sig that lessen storage requirements with machine learning. The ecosystem’s infrastructure has been fully designed to enable the advancement of the digital economy through cryptography and machine learning.
In addition, the platform also launched an AI NFT marketplace that would enable content creators to own and create AI-enabled digital assets. All of these would build up a situation to gather more builders and investors on the supply chains of the fetch.ai network, making it a good investment for the long term. 
Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Price History
The FET token has been on a rollercoaster journey since its inception; however, it has brought lucrative ROI for investors in the past. Before heading toward our Fetch.ai price prediction, it is essential for investors to know its price history to get an idea of its future potential. However, it is to be noted that price history cannot guarantee our Fetch.ai price prediction. 

The Fetch.ai platform was founded in 2017, and its native token, FET, was launched in 2019. The token went live into the crypto trading market with a value of $0.4 on 3 March 2019. However, it made a bumpy start and dropped to the $0.20 mark by the end of the month, losing half of its value. The token witnessed a small surge in late April as it was listed on Korbit, the South Korean exchange. After hitting a top of $0.24 on 21 April 2019, it started falling again, and this time it hovered below $0.15. FET temporarily made a recovery rally in May and early June 2019, but it did not gain enough upward momentum to keep its price from plummeting even further. In July, it fell below the $0.10 level, where it traded for the next 13 months. In August 2020, Fetch.ai tied up with Bitfinex to organise competitions for the FET token. On the final day of the competition, FET’s price surged to $0.15. 
FET saw an even bigger price surge four months later as it was preparing for its mainnet to go live and launched a program entitled Beacon World Evolved (BWE) by the end of January 2021. The token made its first peak on 18 February 2021 at $0.30 and then surged even higher in the next month. The Fetch.ai mainnet went live at the end of March, and the token surpassed its price record, hitting $0.82. The price settled over the following weeks but spiked again to $0.67 on 1 May 2021, after Fetch.ai announced the migration of its Ethereum tokens to its mainnet.
However, the token made a steep decline in the price chart as it slipped below the $0.20 level by June. This bearish trend proved to be only temporary as it started rallying by the end of July 2021, following the Coinbase listing. The utility token continued surging over the following weeks until it hit its all-time high of $1.19 on 8 September 2021. This surge came after Binance started allowing the staking of the FET token. Although with a slight correction, FET stayed close to this level for the rest of September and October 2021. At the end of October, Gate.io integrated the mainnet into its exchange, allowing users to deposit or withdraw using both Fetch.ai’s network and the Ethereum network. The token climbed to $0.92 on 9 November 2021, but the price began falling. It fell below $0.50 in December and sank to $0.30 on 2 February 2022. It made a slight resurgence later that month as the community voted on an upgrade to the Fetch.ai blockchain to improve its cross-chain compatibility. FET climbed to $0.41 on 9 February 2022, the day after the upgrade passed. However, the token went under strong bearish pressure in April as the crypto community received shockwaves from Terra’s ecosystem crash and LUNA’s collapse. FET token lost over 50% of its value and headed toward the bottom level of $0.08 on 21 June. The token traded in a bearish consolidation range for the next four months before falling below $0.06 in November due to FTX’s demise. 
Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Technical Analysis
The FET token has been posting impressive price momentum since last week, as it has surged over 250% in the price chart. The FET token has sparked a stable recovery rally over the last few days, and it can soon pump to a new monthly high if it breaks above its strong resistance levels ahead in the price chart. However, a price barrier may create trouble as Genesis proceeds to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy after being triggered by FTX’s collapse, which may soon develop a fear zone in the market and force investors to liquidate all holdings. Hence, our Fetch.ai price prediction seeks to bring you an in-depth technical analysis of the current trend using technical indicators to guide you through a profitable investment plan amid the market’s FUD situation.

According to CoinMarketCap, the current price of the FET token trades at $0.277, with a downtrend of nearly 8% from yesterday’s performance. Our FET crypto technical analysis reveals that this digital asset may soon skyrocket and bring a solid ROI for investors after breaking above its MA slope. Looking at the daily price chart, the FET token struggles to trade above $0.3 as it faces multiple rejections due to current bearish sentiments. Our FET price analysis signifies a recovery market trajectory, which means the asset is currently preparing for a bullish comeback after pulling itself out of the recent market turmoil. Moreover, the FET token has stabilised its price near the $0.26 level as the developing team promises more enhancements this month. The FET token has formed a climbing wedge pattern and built a support region at $0.25 after rejecting from the $0.3 resistance level. The FET coin is making a slight upward retracement to its 31.8% Fib retracement. The Balance of Power (BoP) indicator trades in a bullish region of 0.68, which may push the FET token to test its resistance again at $0.3.

The Stochastic RSI is heading toward a selling region as it drops to the level of 26, hinting at a strong downward correction for the FET token. Moreover, the RSI-14 hovers in the overbought region at 71, which may soon thrash the FET token downward to 23.6% Fib levels. However, the MACD line gives relief to investors as it keeps increasing bulls’ domination amid the FUD market situation by holding its momentum above the signal line. Moreover, the SMA-14 continues to trade exponentially to 75 with the weekly RSI level, which may spark more surges before facing rejection in the FET price chart. However, traders should stay aware as a downward correction is forecasted if FET forms bulls’ trap, which may bring a market cooldown. If the FET token holds above its EMA-20 trend line at $0.2135, it may spark a fresh uptrend to its Bollinger band’s upper limit of $0.318. If the FET token’s price trades above $0.34, it can make an attempt to break its crucial resistance at $0.381. Conversely, a quick downfall is expected if FET’s price falls below the critical support level of $0.1363; below this price level, the token may trigger a sharp collapse as it can pave its way to its Bollinger band’s lower limit of $0.112. If the FET token fails to hold above $0.106, it may trigger a more bearish bloodbath and trade near $0.094.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction By BlockchainReporter

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2023
Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2023 expects a maximum trading price of $0.44, with an average trading price of almost $0.37. Fetch.ai might retrace downward with a minimum price of $0.36 by the end of 2023. 
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2024
As the FET network promises a robust web3 infrastructure by integrating AI technology, the platform is predicted to expand exponentially in the future. Fetch.ai’s price prediction for 2024 predicts that the token will extend its bullish momentum and likely achieve a maximum price level of $0.62. After that, FET crypto might record a low of $0.52, with an average trading price of $0.54.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2025
Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2025 anticipates a minimum value of $0.77 and a maximum value of $0.92. In addition, our Fetch.ai price forecast for 2025 predicts an average trading price of $0.79.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2026
Fetch.ai may witness a solid surge in 2026 and bring heat among its long-term holders on investment. Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2026 expects a maximum trading price of $1.36 with an average trading price of $1.14. Fetch.ai may trade at a minimum value of $1.11. 
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2027
The crypto market may overcome its current hurdles and push multiple assets to new highs as it is gearing up for a bullish comeback and is expected to skyrocket in the next few years. Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2027 suggests that it may touch a maximum trading price of $1.93. Fetch.ai may trade at an average price of $1.61 with a minimum value of $1.57.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2028
Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2028 states that it may touch a maximum price of $2.72 and an average trading price of $2.39. The minimum value for the FET cryptocurrency is predicted to hit $2.31.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2029
In the upcoming years, Fetch.ai may acquire potential partnerships with its robust network due to its goals on AI that can push its price to the North. Our Fetch.ai price prediction for 2029 expects a maximum price for this token to be $4.04 and a minimum price of $3.44. FET crypto may reach an average value of $3.54.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2030
Depending upon the future market potential and feedback from the community, Fetch.ai can see a maximum price level of $5.99 with an average trading price of $5.14. However, Fetch.ai is projected to hit the bottom level at $5 by the end of 2030.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2031
According to our Fetch.ai price analysis, the FET token may develop a bullish scenario for investors’ portfolios as the team has solid promises ahead. The price of Fetch.ai is projected to reach a maximum value of $8.71, with an average trading price of $7.84. The minimum trading price of Fetch.ai is predicted to be $7.59 by the end of 2031.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2032
Fetch.ai’s price is forecasted to reach a minimum level of $10.78 in 2032. As per our prediction, the Fetch.ai price could reach a maximum value of $13.19 with an average forecast price of $11.18.
Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Industry Experts
According to Digital Coin Price’s Fetch.ai price prediction, the price of FET is expected to surpass the level of $0.68 in 2024. By the end of the year, Fetch.ai is expected to reach a minimum value of $0.60. In addition, the FET price is capable of securing a maximum level of $0.70. In 2030, FET may trade above the level of $2.76. By the end of the year, Fetch.ai is predicted to reach a minimum value of $2.71. In addition, the FET price may attain a maximum level of $2.77. 
Wallet Investor’s Fetch.ai price prediction gives a bearish outlook for the token as the price of Fetch.AI will fall to $0.00643 in 2023, signifying a 92.10% decrease from the current market price. They predict that FET is a bad long-term investment as Fetch.ai will maintain a bearish market in the short term, trading at $0.0769 in two weeks. 
Is Fetch.ai A Good Investment? When Should You Buy?
FET aims to improve crypto businesses across the Web3 by introducing decentralisation and machine learning elements to their processes. Fetch.ai is hoping to create a future where access to AI technology is much more equal. Fetch.ai is expected to bring more developments this year and fulfil investors’ goals in achieving price goals, making it a good investment option. Our Fetch.ai price prediction suggests investing in this token at a price of $0.24.

The price of Fetch.AI is projected to gain a massive pump in the coming years, and investors can expect that most of this price growth will revolve around the anticipated developments on the Fetch.AI network. So far, Fetch.AI has shown commitment to its roadmap as it recently made the integration of Axelar Bridge, which enables the bi-directional transfer of Axelar-backed EVM assets between the EVM ecosystem and the Fetch.AI ecosystem. Due to the futuristic goals of AI, the Fetch.ai platform has room to grow. However, our Fetch.ai price prediction advises you to do your own research and conduct experts’ opinions before investing in the highly volatile market. 

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