People Continue to Be Interested In The Cryptocurrency Space For Their Own Reasons

After the dramatic collapse of FTX exchange there was a shakeup of confidence in cryptocurrency investments.  However, people continue to be interested in the cryptocurrency space for their own reasons.  They are obviously doing checks around trust and security factors. The prices are low; however, despite the lower prices, there are more opportunities for upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, which will provide for self-custody, security, insurance, and identity.
Investor 1:  I enjoy being my own bank thank you very much. That’s why I don’t normally save more money than necessary for daily basics on the bank. Everything goes to crypto and investments.
Investor 2: I consider cryptocurrency to be a good option to invest in because it is a very good option as there is a lot of money we lose paying interest and more.
Investor 3: Also not liking the Sovereignty of Governments over wealth is another reason.
Investor 4: Anyone would say it’s crazy, but I also prefer stable coins: blockchain technology, international transactions at a much shorter time and for a lower cost. Most importantly, I have control of my assets.
Is the Cryptocurrency Recovery Speeding Up?
Paul Veradittakit, General Partner at Pantera Capital explained that “On average,” people working in the crypto space are more educated and passionate about crypto than in previous cycles now. Therefore, he believes that there never has been a better time to start a blockchain company than ever before.
Paul Veradittakit pointed to how higher percentages of startups are coming to the market with even stronger teams and entrepreneurs.
While it is true that people are trying to protect their investments from bad actors, investors are shifting to regulated exchanges and DeFi based decentralized exchanges and this is inspiring the next generation entering the cryptocurrency space.
FUD Continues to Be
This does not mean that there is no FUD in the cryptocurrency space, just that investors are working on their strategies as they have accepted the fact that record breaking bear markets and record highs are here to stay.  It is only those who learn how to flow their sails in bear and bull markets to survive.
Traders are beginning to acknowledge that not all trading months are good months.  AI, automatic trading software, which help in identifying good trading signals is all a trend.  People know risk is here to stay.  They are beginning to think in terms of how to avoid this risk and how to continue to win.  They know they need to be in the game to make profits.
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