Moonbirds creator Kevin Rose hacked, at least $1m in NFTs lost

The founder of the NFT project Moonbirds, Kevin Rose, lost at least $1 million in NFTs in a wallet exploit. 
The Block identified the hacker’s address, which appears to have taken around 40 of Rose’s NFTs. 
A Twitter user who goes by CirrusNFT first noticed the drain on 1:49 p.m. EST. Rose confirmed the hack himself on Twitter at 2:02 p.m. 

Rose confirming on Twitter his wallet hack on Jan. 25.

OpenSea transaction history for Rose’s wallet shows that several NFTs were stolen, including Cool Cats, Squiggles and OnChainMonkeys.
Rose appears to have saved his most valuable NFTs by placing them in a separate vault. One such NFT includes a Zombie CryptoPunk (CryptoPunk #5066), of which there are only 87 other NFTs.

A few NFTs Rose saved by placing in a separate vault.

Neither Rose nor Proof Collective, the NFT community that Rose founded, responded to The Block’s requests to clarify how the hack occurred or whether community members were affected. Some users speculate that Rose’s wallet was compromised from signing a malicious seaport bundle, which is a way to trade numerous assets for another item of the same value.

A Twitter user speculating on how Rose’s wallet was compromised.

Rose was also an early founder of Facebook, and on Jan. 6, Rose signed with major talent representation firm United Talent Agency. 
Moonbirds is one of the few NFT projects to be in the public domain. At its peak on April 17, the project brought in $280 million in trade volume, according to The Block’s Data Dashboard. 

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