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Bitcoin ATM producer General Bytes has announced that it suffered a breach on March 17 leading to a loss of $1.5 million in several digital assets. General Bytes is one of the biggest producers of Bitcoin ATMs with more than 9,000 units of ATMs credited to its name. The company informed the general public of the incident on March 18.
The hacker stole more than $1.5 million
In the statement that was released on March 18, General Bytes urged traders to safeguard their sensitive data. The company told users to ensure their funds and information are safely secured. The firm also instructed them to read and understand the information in the security bulletin that has been provided to them. In the bulletin, General Bytes gave a detailed explanation of how the incident happened.
The firm said that the hacker was able to breach their interface and upload a copy of his application on it. With the breach, the user was able to access the company’s database which houses information and API keys. This way, it was easy for the hacker to steal the assets from the interface of General Bytes. Asides from stealing from the company, the hacker was able to access user information and passwords. He had several authorities including turning off 2FA and sending assets out of the individual accounts.
General bytes suspends its cloud service
Interviews carried out around the United States after the announcement also confirmed the news. Some of the people interviewed said that most of the Bitcoin ATMs around the country owned by General Bytes have been off. An operator well versed in the Bitcoin ATM technology has also chipped in, stating that the company would have to build new servers, which would be a lengthy process. In its bulletin, the company noted that it would suspend its cloud service program as it will now focus on making operators act as hosts for their servers.
General Bytes also confirmed that none of the audits it had conducted since 2021 were able to identify the flaw that led to the breach. According to the details, the hacker made away with more than $1 million in BTC while stealing bits of other digital assets. Although the Bitcoin is still in a cache after it was moved once, the hacker has moved the smaller assets across different exchanges with a sizeable amount moved into Uniswap.

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