FIO partners with ioPay to enhance web3 user experience –

FIO Protocol and ioPay collaborate to enable users to register FIO Crypto Handles and custom domains, FIO Receive, FIO Send and add Support for FIO Token.
FIO x ioPay integration to improve user experience
The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) and ioPay, a decentralized mobile wallet, has announced their new partnership to simplify using crypto. The collaboration was made public via public statements by the two tech firms.
According to FIO’s publication on Medium, users can now utilize their FIO crypto handle to send and receive crypto on ioPay. The crypto payments processor announced,

“We are excited that FIO has teamed up with ioPay, one of the best multi-chain decentralized wallets in the market. Crafted for a remarkable user experience and with such an elegant interface, ioPay offers a very intuitive gateway for accessing tokens and Dapps across multiple blockchains”.

With the new partnership, FIO users can now register their custom FIO Crypto Handle on the IoPay ecosystem consisting of hundreds of Dapps: ranging from DeFi to GameFi to NFTs. IoPay has also integrated FIO Crypto Handle registration and FIO Send and Receive. The alliance also allows users to register custom domains and choose unique usernames to register their custom domains.
FIO is offering users better web3 services
According to FIO, adding the FIO Protocol to IoPay will give both platforms another edge by providing their users with an even easier and seamless experience to make using and trading cryptocurrency simple for everyone. 
Speaking on the new alliance, ioPay announced new features that will be available to its users. These include; Human-meaningful crypto identities, which will allow users to initiate transactions using human-readable and memorable identifiers like “[email protected]” users will also be provided more privacy as they will be able to encrypt sensitive counterparty information, including public addresses and metadata on the blockchain. Other functionalities include; Interoperability and FIO Send. According to ioPay,

“FIO is all about ease of use and reliability. As we implement our partnership with FIO, we’re eager to show you all the things you can do. Simply.”

IoTex building MachineFi economy
IoTeX, the Blockchain on which ioPay is based, has also announced the construction of a MachineFi economy to automate transactions. According to ioTex, this new technology will allow most transactions to be machine-to-machine and automated. 
Although the economy will be machine-based, ioTex says humans will also be involved. According to the tech firm,

“people will always be part of the economy – even a machine economy. So part of our job is to eliminate complexity for the non-expert. Everyday people don’t want to know the inner workings of this technology. They just want it to easily and reliably do what it’s supposed to do”.

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