Ethereum core devs to discuss getting EIP-4844 considered for inclusion –

OP Labs CEO liam.eth has announced an Ethereum core devs meeting today to discuss getting EIP-4844 to be considered for inclusion (CFI), says CFI does not imply inclusion in a hard fork.
ETH Core devs deliberating EIP-4844 inclusion
Liam.eth, the CEO of OP Labs, tweeted today, November 24, 2022, stating that Ethereum core developers will meet today to discuss getting EIP-4844 considered for inclusion (CFI). In his tweets, Liam says EIP-4844 is a game changer for the rollup-centric roadmap, as it will enable fee reduction.
Announcing the meeting this morning, Liam tweeted,

“Ethereum core devs have a call this Thursday to discuss getting EIP-4844 to be considered for inclusion (CFI). 
This is a huge moment for the many teams working on getting this EIP to production this year!”

Regarding fee reduction, Liam reiterated that the EIP-4844 adds a new fee market to Ethereum for short-lived data. However, rollups would use this for data availability instead of hijacking regular gas. According to Liam.eth EIP-4844 is “a game changer for the rollup-centric roadmap, as fees could be lowered ~100x.”
EIP-4822 a game changer for roll-up centric roadmap
Outlining reasons for the CFI, Liam listed the values of EIP-4844 stating that it is built on the withdrawals spec. “Both the execution layer and consensus layer work has been built directly on top of the existing withdrawals implementations. There is no rebasing needing; it’s purely additive.” The OP Labs CEO explained
In addition, the new spec also comes with 9 months of intense iteration while the remaining changes are minimal. According to Liam, most of his client teams have already reviewed and implemented the spec, which has a complementary consensus layer and engine API specs.

The Ethereum guru added, “Significant work has gone into interoperability which have led to multiple diverse devnets with additional network stress testing done by @gakonst. Conservatively, we’ve reduced the blobs parameter for the initial iteration.” 

CFI does not imply Inclusion in next hard fork
Although Ethereum core developers will be considering the EIP-4844 for inclusion, Liam has asserted that the CFI doesn’t mean EIP-4844 will be included in the next hard fork, as that will be decided in Shanghai, a move he called “a separate process.”

In his exact words, Liam stated, “Now, I do want to add that CFI does not mean “included” in the next hard fork. What gets decided in Shanghai is a separate process. However, given 4844 and withdrawals span the CL and EL layers, there seems to be a good reason to consider it for Shanghai.”

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