Beware! These 3 Crypto Coins Might Be Extinct by 2025

The ongoing crypto winter and crisis have hit the market hard. Everyone seems to be dumping high-risk assets and consolidating their portfolios to include only the best coins or tokens.

As the market consolidates and investors become more risk averse, the likelihood of nascent crypto projects, that have yet to prove their worth, failing to survive grows exponentially.
Hence, it’s imperative that you remain invested only in those projects that you understand and truly believe in. Here’s a list of crypto coins that may struggle to survive in the coming years.
1. Terra (LUNA)
The infamous crash of this algorithmic stable coin sent shockwaves across the industry. Amid a lot of uncertainty and poor public sentiment, it is unlikely that LUNA will survive in the long run. Currently, it is trading at $1.55.
Although the original Terra has been rebranded as Terra Classic and a new chain has been created with the existing Terra name, LUNA’s future is not promising.

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2. Terra Classic (LUNC)
Despite a good run in 2021 and 2022, LUNC’s future is in shambles. People have not forgotten the Terra Luna crash. It would be extremely hard for this coin to regain people’s trust and rise from the ashes to compete with already leading ecosystems.
FYI, LUNA Classic (LUNC) is the original Terra LUNA coin left behind after the recent UST/Luna crash and the creation of a new Terra chain.

3. Zcash (ZEC)
Zcash is yet to prove its utility or viability to sustain bear cycles. The underlying blockchain uses a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. It can be very expensive for miners to use their computing power and resources to help validate transactions on this blockchain and still manage to keep themselves afloat given the plummeting value of the coin.
Wallet Investor notes that ZEC doesn’t have a positive outlook. It is very likely that ZEC will struggle to survive in the near future.

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